Sunday, 26 November 2017


What the- "Pimples" ?! ( How Cetaphil Saves My Skin )

Recently, during my first-semester break, I have had the most terrible breakout of the year. Ironically, in the beginning of the break, I have had such clean face and " zit-less face ". Not to mention, my pores weren't as large as it usually were. However, things have gotten the opposite way as I was in the midst of my semester break. I have noticed my forehead starts to grow "small little bumps"? and not to mention, I'm starting to grow noticeable pimples which were really painful and itchy not to mention around my cheeks, jawline and neck. It was rather odd for me because I have never had such terrible skin problem ever. My mother and my sisters were most concerned about the condition of my face, I too was concerned but I tried to cover up my fear by thinking that it was just my hormones being imbalanced. I did not have any pictures taken of my "flawful" face at that time because I did not think that I would ever be doing a review on any products regarding of my face but I have googled a few examples of how the bumps actually looked like:

( This is an example look of how my forehead looked like before. )

( This was actually the closest example of how my forehead was, it was pretty "rocky" ey? )

Blessed for having the "GOOGLE", I decided to search on what these "small bumps" actually were and pretty much " couldn't " relate to the possibilities of why these bumps were there. The most common result showed up is that these bumps were caused by dehydration. Well- water is most certainly important in our lives as most of our body were consists of liquid, I took that as the most plausible reason on why these bumps were on my forehead as I have not been drinking much during the period of time. However it still does not explain the reason why my face starts to have terrible and painful breakout but, that doesn't stop me from drinking more water. So throughout the discovery, I have been drinking water far more often and my bladder is now, became another issue (pun intended).

It does not really improve my skin, in fact, my face has gotten even worst and that the bumps and pimples have gotten to my neck. Weirdly also, I have been getting more weird rashes too on my body parts and have been scratching too occasionally. But at that moment, I was more concerned of my skin on my face as I have always loved wearing makeup, and to have a perfect makeup-look, a clear skin makes the look even better. I totally overlooked the possibilities of the link between the weird rashes on my body with the weird bumps and itchy pimples on my face. It is then until my family, decided to point out my " flawful " face during family time and it really bothers me and irritates me ( like um- who wouldn't? ) and again, my mom was the most concerned one. However my sister then asked me if I was allergic to something, not in my 18 years of living I actually been allergic to any food, so I said no. But then, it hit me at that moment about the possibilities of having an allergic reaction to the type of food I have been eating. Lately, I have been eating more seafood such as squids and prawns. It then struck me that one of my friends who were once never had an allergic reaction to prawns before, been admitted to the hospital because of her unawareness of her allergies towards prawns. I am a person of meat, however, my diets have changed when I started my sem break and that is when my skin started to act up. Not wanting to jump to conclusions too soon, my mother decided to bring me to the doctor for a skin consultation. That is when I was introduced to "Cetaphil". The doctor verifies the allergies and prescribes me a " Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser" and one of his cream.

It saddens me that I was advised to not wear makeup until my face has gotten better but- it is what it is๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ’”. The first 2 days of using Cetaphil and the cream that the doctor has prescribed me, did not provide my skin much of a change. My skin was literally the same the first two days, but then I started to realize that the small bumps on my forehead have been disappearing! I was intrigued, excited and highly anticipating a flawless face. BUT OF COURSE, a flawless face does not come in a hurry- in fact, it needs consistency and a whole lot changes in routines. "Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser" is a most common known drugstore skincare which is dermatologically approved. Here is how the cleanser looked like! 

( Here is a google image of how it looked like! )

As for starters, I used Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser travel kit. It is the smaller version of the product, just to make sure this product was a match for my skin. The retailed price for the larger Cetaphil is MYR 80, whereas the travel kit only costs for MYR20 just for the cleanser. After 7 days of using Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser and the prescribed cream, my face has been a lot better. The cream, however, is not much helping as the cleanser because even without applying it on my face, the cleanser does more justice to my skin than the cream ever did. And so, I stopped using the cream and only relied on the cleanser. However, daily washes with this cleanser can cause your skin to be dry and so, a proper moisturising product is recommended! During the first few weeks, I have been moisturising my skin with the Cosmoderm Tea Tree Oil Moisturiser.

Here are the reasons why the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser works wonder for my skin! :
  • It is suitable for all skin type.
  • It is a non-comedogenic product. ( Which means it is fragrance-free & it will also prevent the pores from clogging. )
  • It is ideally used for facial & body use. ( Which means it can also be wear on parts of your body aside from your face!)
  • It is pH balanced therefore it will not be as harmful much to skin even though it is drying for the skin.
From using this cleanser, I have realised how it changes my skin by drying up the small bumps on my forehead also easing the itchiness that I have once had before. Not to mention, my pimples have also stopped from growing at unwanted places and it is now less painful and most of my blemishes are turning into red which is good, as it can be covered by coloured correctors or a decent concealer! 

If you are currently undergoing the same problems that I have once had, my tips for you is to figure out what went wrong first! Here are the highlighted tips on how to overcome the small bumps on your forehead or any skin problem relating to issue that I have talked above:

  • Try googling your problems. For instance, typing out keywords such as  " your problem " and the possibilities of what causes it. With luck, you might come across a Blogger who have all the answers to your questions or even better maybe a recommendation on how to overcome your problems.
  • Changing your routines. For instance, figuring out your daily routines can also be helpful. If you have been drinking less, drink more! and If you have been eating unhealthy, eat healthily!
  • Referring to the doctor if the problem still occurs or worsen. If your skin gets worst, it is wiser for you to refer to the doctors as you do not want it to be even worst which can possibly impact you with a prolong skin condition.
However, if you decided to give Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser a shot, you guys can totally give it a try! So far I have also started to use Cetaphil Moisturising Cream. Before, as mentioned above I have been using Cosmoderm's but due to the fact that I have now fallen in love with Cetaphil's skincare products, I decided to give Cetaphil Moisturising Cream a go! I will give my own review of its moisturiser in my next entry๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’—

Overall, Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser is a good product and if you are wondering if you should give it shot- well you should! To me, it has really does wonder to my skin and it has given me a much more self-confidence after the horrible breakout due to the allergies I have had. However, it is important for you to be consistent with the product you are using and also, be patient with it. Beauty does not come in a short term, it needs patience. Therefore, do not rush and expect remarkable changes in such short period because there isn't a product which works in just a short while. So,  I hope this entry helps you much in overcoming your problems and if you wanted to know more about my experiences in using this product, feel free to leave your questions in the comment below! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’•

Yours Truly,
Athirah Musa๐Ÿ’—